Bursary Scheme

The Meat Industry Trust (MIT) provide funds for bursaries, to post-graduate studies, to students of merit who studies at a South African tertiary institution in fields of importance to the Red Meat Industry.

The purpose of the bursary scheme is to create further scientific capacity in South Africa and to address the Red Meat Industry’s research needs.

The Meat Industry Trust (MIT) administers the scheme via its Bursary Working Committee (BWC). The BWC is made up of a team of people who represent the research fraternity, the interests of the industry and has knowledge about the Tertiary Institutions. Prof Norman Casey has been chairing the committee since the beginning of 2019, he succeeded Prof Theuns Erasmus who led the committee the previous 3 years.

The BWC liaises closely with the Tertiary Institution and the relevant Head of Department and/or Supervisor under whose guidance the student will conduct the post graduate study (Masters or Doctorate).


The bursaries are R60 000 per annum. The total value of a Master’s Degree will be a maximum of R120 000 for 2 consecutive years of study, while a Doctor’s Degree will be a maximum of  R180 000 for three consecutive years of study.

The awarding of a scholarship is not regarded as a guarantee that the allocation will again be made in successive years. This will depend on proof of progress as confirmed by the Supervisor and re-registration at the Tertiary Institution.


  • Sustainable Natural Resources*
  • Livestock Production*
  • Animal Health and Welfare
  • Animal Products
  • Economics of Red Meat*
  • Predation Management
  • Livestock Theft Prevention

* donates that these fields are of Prime Importance

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