Bursary Scheme

The Meat Industry Trust (MIT) makes funds available annually for bursaries to meritorious students for post-graduate studies at South African tertiary institution in fields of importance to the Red Meat Industry.

The purpose of the bursary scheme is to create further scientific capacity in South Africa and to address the Red Meat Industry’s research needs.

The Meat Industry Trust (MIT) administers the scheme via its Bursary Working Committee (BWC). The BWC is made up of a team of people who represent the research fraternity, the interests of the industry and has knowledge about the Tertiary Institutions. Prof Theuns Erasmus has been the chairman of this committee since 2016.

The BWC liaises closely with the Tertiary Institution and the relevant Head of Department and/or Supervisor under whose guidance the student will conduct the post graduate study (Masters or Doctorate).


  1. Apply for funding, attach the ‘BWC Declaration’ signed document
  2. The BWC will review your case and you will be informed of your success or otherwise
  3. An ‘Agreement’ will be signed between the student and the BWC to formalise
  4. Funds are released
  5. The project is initiated and runs to conclusion
  6.  All students submit a Final Progress Report at the end of the project’s life cycle
  7. The project concludes


  1. You are a South African
  2. You qualify for post-graduate studies
  3. These studies will be at an accredited Tertiary Institution
  4. You will be a full time student during your studies
  5. Your project relates to a field of importance to the Red Meat Industry

If you do  meet the criteria you are invited to apply for funding.  Go to the APPLICATIONS page

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