The MIT provided a grant to the Red Meat Abattoir Association (RMAA) for training. The RMAA developed a number of qualifications for the red meat industry.

  • Learnerships are the route to follow in order for a learner to achieve the qualification. A learnership takes 1 year to complete and combines theoretical and practical work experience.
  • A person who successfully completes a learnership acquires a qualification that signifies occupational competence and is nationally recognized.
  • In order to meet critical industry training needs, the RMAA focused on the following learnerships:
  1. FETC Meat examination: This qualification provides learners with the ability to perform meat examination according to legislation
  2. NC General abattoir processes: This qualification provides learners with the opportunity to obtain competence in broad abattoir processes and practices

In addition to the learnerships the RMAA provides a number of skills programmes designed to address critical skills needs in the industry:  



Summary of training provided (2008-2016): 


Enrollments pic2016


The RMAA have also enrolled a number of rural abattoirs as members and provide them with regular slaughter technique training,
in addition to the formal training and other services provided to abattoirs.