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“To provide attractive and quality products through continuous research and development in particular red meat products that will meet the quality, health and lifestyle needs of our consumers.”


Red Meat Research and Development South Africa (RMRD SA) is the service provider.


Allocation of funds is managed through a committee, the Project Committee which oversees all Research Projects for the Red Meat Industry Trust.


The role of the Project Committee is strengthened through 2 working committees.

These are:

The Planning Committee for Pork, populated with researchers and representatives from the Pork industry.

The Planning committee for Beef and Small stock, populated with members from the industry and researchers nominated by universities and research institutions.

Funding for R&D during 2012 (as an example) was made available from:

RMRDT – R 2,2 million


Levy funds – R 3 million


Supplemented by THRIP – R 3,2 million


Other: Cape Wools, MIF and SA Ostrich Business Chamber – R 300 000


Manage ± R10 million in 2012

RMRD SA has a policy to only finance projects executed by recognised research institutions eg:

National Department of Agriculture

Provincial Departments of Agriculture

Institutes of the Agricultural Research Council

All Universities

Agricultural Colleges

BEE status of these institutions is available in the public domain

To the end of 2016 more than 78 Research projects have been  completed

SA Livestock sector is unique in the sense that it is divided into:

60:40 – commercial : emerging

Benefit of research is apportioned accordingly

However, some projects are specifically dedicated to the emerging sector, eg.

  • Informal red meat markets
  • Investigate the lower income South African consumer’s perception towards beef & sheep meat
  • Beef offal

RMRDT funds:

Maintain proportion of initial capital from the various species’ when financing projects for the various sectors as follows:

  • Beef 65,67%
  • Small-stock 15,28%
  • Pork 9,02%
  • Hides, Skins and Leather 10,03%

If more than one “species” funds are allocated proportionally from the funds of the “species” concerned

In shortage of funds from a particular “species fund”, the Planning Committees decide how to fund

Research focus areas for Cattle and Small-stock:

1. Sustainable natural resource utilization

2. Livestock production with global competitiveness

3. Animal health and welfare

4. Animal products, quality and value adding

5. The economics of red meat consumption and production in South Africa

6. Predation management

7. Livestock theft prevention

To obtain more information on the Research projects which are co-sponsored by the MIT, visit the RMRD SA website...

The priority areas for Pork Research can be found here…

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